American Green

Reclamation & Habitat Restoration

Producing Successful, Environmentally Responsible Solutions that Meet or Exceed Regulatory Guidelines

With extensive background in mine reclamation, biosolids, bioseeding, and habitat restoration, American Green Corporation is a family owned and operated company that produces successful, environmentally responsible solutions that meets or exceeds regulatory guidelines.

Land Reclamation

Restoration and stabilization of lands in order to provide conditions necessary to achieve long term environmentally sustainable goals.

Biosolid Technology

Recycling biosolids improves soil properties, supplies nutrients essential for plant growth and increases the drought tolerance of vegetation.


American Green uses Hydroseeding as an erosion control technique and utilizes hydroseeding to establish vegetation to aid in the process of land restoration.

Habitat Restoration

American Green Corporation approaches land restoration by using cattle and goats to improve soil quality on the site of a reclaimed and restored land.